E-Commerce Optimization

The Google search engine is much more worry about their users. Every individual wish to get their brand, product and website on the first page of search result pages to beat their competitors on Google. But now days it’s not enough to reach on page one, you need to get rank #1 to come into the eyes of number of users. It is discovered that to be on number one means your website received an average click through rate higher among others.

There are number of areas that help you to optimize on E-commerce websites:

SEO: The E-commerce sites get optimized by the off page optimization, transparent URLs, right targeted keywords help to show up in visitors search. The SEO is also helps to avoid the duplicate content on your website. Don’t forget to optimize an image on your page.

Trust and Conversions: Shoppers are always looking forward for a trustworthy and best price. You need to check out your contact details and locations. So that people get easily connected to you for their queries and information. Fill your website about us page with all the relevant information which help the visitors to know about you and your products.

Design and UX: One of the most important points to get our user again and again on your website is page loading speed. Slow loading sites leads to lost revenue. It can be pretty frustrating if products don’t appear in the logical place in the navigation. This means if they can’t find it they can’t buy it.

Shopping Experience:The site must ensure the customer loyalty, improve branding, sales and conversions. This is not only about the product but also related to delivery time, return policies and other more information. Make the description of your product that much interesting to attract the visitors.

Checking out cart: The abandoned shopping cart becomes the major issue for E-commerce sites in all over India. This creates issue in loading time. To let people wait for long time is a bad news for the conversions. There are number of advices to let them know about what is happening.

By using the optimum services of Search engine optimization like site structure, keyword optimization, keyword research, internal linking, usability, customer reviews, mobile version of website, competitor research, rich snippet and social media integration. To optimize your website you must avoid these errors on your site such as lack of product description, using product information from your manufacturers, lack of product reviews, not optimizing product page on search demand, not unique titles are used, lack of speaking URLs and Lot of duplicate content.

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