Google Adwords

The term Google Adwords is an online advertising program which enables business to set a budget that is compatible and much comfortable for you. This system is based on the pre defined keywords and cookies by the advertiser. This is considered as a system which pays to website on pay per click based for the advertisements displayed on the website. Due to low startup cost and potential profit for site owner this system get more popularize day by day.

There are number of terms that are used to specify Google Adwords:
  • CTA (Call to Action): These are action oriented words like Get, Act now that allow your searcher to take.
  • Landing page: The page where the traffic drives to your page.
  • CTR (Click through rate): Predict the number of people who have clicked your ad to your link destination.
  • Optimization: This term signifies to making changes to get more traffic on your advertisement.
  • Split testing: The objective is to control the marketing experiments to improve your objective results.
Steps to Create Your Advertisement are:
  1. Heading
  2. Destination URL
  3. Display URL
  4. Side ad
  5. Top ad
The SEO Healer follows the following techniques for Google Adword in Mohali are:
  • Firstly go to Google Adword site.
  • Select your campaign name and type.
  • Choose the geographical location where you want to show your ads.
  • Select your Bid strategy and set your daily budget.
  • Ignore the section named as ad Extension.
  • Now create your ads group and start writing your first ads.
  • Insert the relevant keywords into the keyword field of your account.
  • Time to set your maximum cost per click.
  • After setting all the information, review everything.
  • Enter your bidding information.

Why Google Adwords are highly recommended in Chandigarh and other parts of India?

This technique helps the business and brands to attract the new website visitors, which helps to increase the online sale of their product. This enables to target the customers locally as well as globally. Also reach to the right place at right time. Our team will work with you to make sure that your Adword account is set up to get more success with in your budget. The customers are able to see your ads but they have to pay on just when they click the ads to visit your site. There are number of ways to get more traffic on your website such as search ads, display ads, app ads, and video ads. Google Adwords keep you updated with the number of visitors visited on your site and give you a chance to target a specific type of people.

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