Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO or Mobile optimization is the same term which is used to ensure that users who access your website from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device. Now days our generation spends lots of time on their mobile phones and tablets, but still a huge amount of websites are not designed to run on all types of devices for different screen sizes and loading time. In order to solve this problem SEO Healer offer Mobile Optimization Services in India. Mobile optimization looks at once the site design, site framework, page loading time, and many more to insure you are not in the process to take away mobile visitors unintentionally. Your page speed of the website is also more important than desktop. It is recommended to not use flash on your website because it is not sure that all mobile phones are compatible to play flash videos. Mobile SEO is an activity that serves for search engine optimization to encourage the visibility of your website on mobile phones. There are mainly three factors of mobile SEO such as responsive web design, dynamic serving and separate URLs.

Factors for Going Mobile SEO
  1. Give Signal to Google when a page is ready for mobile:- The mobile SEO pushes Google to perfectly perform your content in search results pages for mobile searchers.
  2. Keep your pages crawlable, to Google:-Use robots.txt very carefully so that Google will crawl all your pages. Do not use the custom robot.txt to discourage search engines from accessing your files. If the Google crawler not able to access your page’s resource images, JavaScript and CSS it may not find your site that it is not built to run on mobile devices.
  3. Take away common mistakes that stop mobile users:- Not put unplayable videos such as Flash as the page content is related to because all mobile have not flash player that can run these types of videos. Pages that are not compatible to run on mobile phones discourages search engine ranking of keywords and displays warning messages on mobiles.
  4. Your page should not redirect while it opened in mobiles:- will bad example if your page will be redirected while it opened in mobile devices. Avoid redirection of pages whenever it is possible.
Benefits of Mobile Optimization

SEO HEALERS is the best Mobile Optimization Company in Chandigarh that offers best Mobile Optimization services in Chandigarh, Mohali and India. Here an expert team analysis all above factors and make a strategy to optimize your site on mobile phones. Enhance your site visibility with various types of mobile phones by taking Best Mobile Optimization services in Mohali. There are also lots of benefits of mobile optimization. It helps to reduce loading time and improves the user experience. Since your site is compatible to run on mobile it helps to increase site ranking.

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